Ex.: hotel, car, rap, shirt, sale, video, shop, vacation

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About Keywords Toaster

Keywords Toaster designed for accomplishing daily PPC & SEO tasks. 4 keywords tools included in one app:

  • Wrapper (keywords ppc wrapper)
  • Mixer (keywords permuter and combiner)
  • Typoer (typos generator)
  • Inspirer (ideas generator)

Keywords Wrapper

Wrap keywords you've discovered to properly organize your AdGoups in AdWords or another PPC platform. Just start typing and get immediately wrapped keywords for any match type:

  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • or Broad Modified

Keywords Mixer

Extend your keywords list in seconds with all possible keywords combinations. Extemely useful for Phrase and Exact keywords match types.

Keywords Typos Generator

Prepare comprehensive list of negative keywords with Typoer. People make typos. Use it when you want to prevent your Ads from showing for highly demanded keywords.

Keywords Ideas Generator

Discover new related terms and segments for your service or product. Just input a topic you work with and you'll get a big list of keywords related to it. This is an ideal tool especially for bloggers who want to enrich their article with additional paragraphs or create a rough article structure.

Application for Chrome Browser

Keywords Toaster is available in Chrome Webstore for installing right in your browser.

Other Alternatives

I am hoping that Keywords Toaster will become your best online keywords tool in its space for daily use. In case if it doesn't fit your needs well, here is a list of other tools available on the web:

If you know other qualitative tools, please share links with me ([email protected]) to be added in this list above.